Welcome! I'm very glad you are here!

First of all, WELCOME! I am beyond thrilled to have finally launched my very own voice studio, VOICE BY KATHLEEN in my beautiful home town of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Thank you for looking around the site and for taking the time to read this post.

A little bit about me; I have been singing ever since I can remember and have a true love of all things music. As a young girl, I played all of the brass instruments in the band, and sang in all of the choirs I possibly could. I carried on that love of music into a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Lethbridge, and also an Artist Diploma in Opera Performance from the Vancouver Academy of Music. It was during my time in university that I discovered my love of opera. I've always been interested in literature, languages, acting, and of course, singing, so I was amazed that there was a genre that combined them all. I loved the fact that for opera to work you had to collaborate with numerous people who were all specialists in their dedicated fields. I really love that part.

After I finished my Artist Diploma in Vancouver, I headed off to chase my dreams of a professional opera career in Germany. I'm happy to say that after 6 years of work in the 'operatic trenches' I was having success! I performed and sang in numerous productions, and built up a very solid reputation for being a great performer and colleague. I have been re-hired by every single company I have ever worked for, and am very proud of that fact. My voice has taken me all over the world, including performances in Germany, Austria, the USA, China, and of course Canada. If you are interested in my performance career, please visit www.kathleenmorrison.com

It was during this time that I started to teach individual lessons, as well as giving performance masterclasses. Because I have a solid base on how the voice as an instrument works, I was able to teach people from numerous genres and help them with their performances. This was really far reaching from Death-Metal 'screamers' to students preparing for entrance auditions to get into classical performance schools. I really love the variety of the human voice and the people too! I've recently relocated back home, and am excited about the opportunity to bring my relaxed method to the singers of Calgary. I decided that giving in-home lessons was the way to go, to make people feel more comfortable. Singing is a very personal experience, as your instrument is you! I want to give you technique and tips to help you achieve whatever vocal goal you have.

Whether it is wanting to sing better for your karaoke nights out, working on your singing voice to perform some of your own songs, perfecting that performance for a wedding you have coming up, or just wanting to improve your voice; I am confident that I can help you achieve any vocal goal you have.

Again, thank you for visiting my site and for getting to know me a little bit better. I look forward to hearing from you! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me! xo Kathleen.

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